2023 High School 改革者的挑战

The 澳门新银河网址 is proud to host the eighth High School 改革者的挑战, once again made possible by our generous partners at Toyota. 任何一个高二学生, 初级, or senior who can be present for the in-person event can compete to win a four-year, full tuition scholarship to 澳门新银河网址 by submitting their idea to make the world a better place.

2023 High School 改革者的挑战 Top 20

Congratulations to everyone listed below! Keep an eye on your inbox for details about next steps and how to join the in-person competition.

  • 枪支回购 – Prestin Jarrell, Nolan Josey, Chris Kormelink (New Tech Institute)
  • 给你的食物 – Abigail Aders (Jasper 高中)
  • 项目包裹 – Blake Sanders, Christian Slade, Toby Durosinmi-Etti (Signature School)
  • Dr. 整形 – Claire Deardorff, Jennifer Vazquez (Signature School)
  • 为巴里呼吸 – Summer Smith (National Honor Society/Interact Club)
  • 茎操场 – Rebekah Turner, Trinity Kessinger (Scouts BSA)
  • Quicksports – Prab Jayachandran, Kaden Oberlander
  • 的Kanopi – Emily Rudolph, Ethan Hilton (Signature School and New Tech Institute)
  • BeeCorp的苦乐参半的收获 – Eli Dodge, Crisnell Cabigting, Brooke Hay (Madison Consolidated High School's BeeCorp Club)
  • 澳门新银河网址中的英雄 – Tyler Myers (Evansville Day School)
  • Bee Corps Operation Ground Cover – Jack Heckler, Izabela Jett, Owen Schmidt (Madison Consolidated 高中)
  • 越来越多的人 – Briggs Miller, Cameron Miller (Mater Dei 高中)
  • 紫色的页面 – Zozo Zhou, Amanda Lile-Helm (Evansville Christian 高中)
  • 移动STEM实验室 – Dylan Lynch, Max Briggeman, Adam Goffinet (Perry Central Jr./Sr. 高中)
  • Musicmakers – Aparna Kudiyirikkal Anil, Sreya Yelamanchili (Signature School)
  • Bee Corps Garden Box Initiative – Jack Heckler, Taylor Owen, Izabela Jett (Madison Consolidated 高中)
  • Let's Be Real: Sexual and Reproductive Health Vending – Savannah Hoar, Sophia Hoar, Cael McCullum (Signature School)
  • Tyr项目 – Keira Starnes, Jaylena Scott, Serenity Bell
  • 情感表演 – 援助an Paul (Mount Vernon 高中)
  • 健康之票 – Sophie Rodionova (Signature School)


  • Edugate.com – Mitchell Thomas, Jayden Baiden-Amissah (Signature School)
  • WISTEM俱乐部 – Gracie Stoller (Lebanon 高中)
  • 蜂队教育计划 – Nathan Wu, Jackson Schwartz, Kailee Lock (Madison Consolidated 高中)


  • 2022年11月18日3:30.m. 中央时间- 虚拟信息会话
  • 2022年12月16日 Registration closes, project submission due
  • 2022年12月20日 下午5点公布前20名.m.
  • 2023年1月16日 幻灯片上的支撑设计
  • 2023年1月23日 Rehearsal (on campus) 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
  • 2023年1月24日 Final round and winners announced

The winning students who choose UE as their college destination will receive the following scholarships*:

第一名 全额学费
2日的地方 $27,000 奖学金
排名第3位 $23,000 奖学金

*Students eligible for more than one UE scholarship will receive the one of highest value.
†Students winning first place will not pay any tuition out of pocket for four years. Winners are required to live on campus as part of a cohort, remain consistently enrolled full-time each semester, maintain satisfactory academic progress toward their degree, and display progress toward fulfilling their 改革者的挑战 project goals. UE admission requirements apply.


  • 第一轮: Submit your idea pitch by December 8, 2022.
  • 第二轮: Top 20 teams will deliver pitches in person on campus at UE on January 24, 2023.
    • 前20名团队成员 should be available for rehearsal at UE on January 23, 2023.
    • Presentations can be up to 7 minutes long (generally 4-5 minutes) followed by 2 minutes of Q&A.


All competitors may receive FREE training from UE’s 创新中心 & 改变 as well as connection to faculty experts.


  • 任何一个高二学生, 初级, or senior
  • Individual or team entries allowed (teams can be up to 3 people)
  • No limits on number of entries from a school
  • Home school and club entries also allowed (Scouts, Boys and Girls Club, 4-H, 等.)
  • Able to attend the January 24 final round in Evansville, Indiana. If you can get to UE on that date (from anywhere), you can compete!

特别奖金类别: 欢迎提出任何意见! Special bonus points may be available if your idea fits one of these four categories:

  1. Increases girls' access and exposure to science fields (Example: a summer camp on UE's campus for girls interested in physics).
  2. Works to address or mitigate climate change in our region (Example: decreasing air pollution, 更多屋顶花园, 等.).
  3. Increases access to physical activity or health options (Example: more dance classes in schools, 更深处, 更多的公园或绿地, 健身路径, 更多冰沙吧, 创意户外游戏选择, 等.).
  4. Provides creative ideas that improve quality of life in Evansville's Promise Zone.



Rooms 270-274, Ridgway University Center